Seeing fit: tracking and visualizing fitness data

About the project

This 2005 research project for Intel's User-Centered Design group investigated how new devices – wearable and otherwise – might help promote physical activity. Instead of helping extremely active people optimize their training, or extremely sedentary people cope with health problems, it instead targeted the vast majority of Americans: those who could "use a little more exercise." 

Seeing fit: visualizing physical activity in context

This paper describes the results of a three month study of physical fitness in the United States. Using a literature review, blog readings, interviews, and diary studies, the authors identify key challenges and opportunities for technology to support fitness behaviors. Results focus on implications for the design and implementation of personal health visualization software.

Goodman, E., Foucault, B. 2006. Seeing fit: visualizing physical activity in context. In CHI’06 EA: 797-802.