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July 27, 2008

Sketching in Hardware Day 3: Tod Kurt

Good hardware APIs

what makes a good hardware API

why is the Basic Stamp so hard? it's unclear what you do to it - you need to buy all those other bits in order to even get started

Arduino: has a USB port, and holes - people know how to use holes, you stick something in!

another good hardware API:
I2C connectors on Wii
Todd made his own connector to an Arduino
it's actually easy to interface
Wii MotionPlus 2-axis accelerometer for $15!

started thinking about this while making BlinkM - how to make an augmented LED that would fit perfectly into standard prototyping setups?

the benefits of .1'' spacing

MaxM - ultrabright
LinkM - productivized Arduino to make hooking up lights EVEN easier and less scary for non-engineers

USB not on Rails
turns out there are a bunch of problems with the original USB-HID idea
instead, use USB Communication Device Class (CDC)!
no drivers needed
it's simple, but maybe too simple (like serial)

generative shapes with laser cutters
Sketchup + SVG plugin to make patterns for containers

create "least possible" BlinkM deployment tool with connectors already attached for coin battery
adapter board so LED can be swapped in and out

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