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July 27, 2008

Sketching in Hardware Day 3: Ed Baafi and Amon Daran Millner


  • everything to build machinery

  • how do we make this accessible to kids from elementary to high school?

lifelong kindergarten project at media lab
something that kids can make themselves - for creativity and for learning
provides some built-in sensors with pre-calibrated values
shows a homemade Guitar Hero made by a 6th grader, who figured out that humans can complete a circuit
developing a community of young programmers through the website - over 170,000 projects posted since it started last year
next version of Scratch will 'raise the ceiling' for more expert use and finer grained control
integrating Arduino
and creating output from Scratch to systems of actuators
building graphic programming systems - enabling sharing code quickly and allowing people to double-click and get immediate feedback on what each visual "block" does
a small piece of firmware on the Arduino connects the Arduino to Scratch
supporting multiple kinds of engagement with Scratch - balancing the needs of multiple people - moving people into "real" programming

back and forth between controller and desktop - important to let people know what would happen IF they called a function

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