FIASCO: Game interface for location-based play

Chang, M. and Goodman, E. 2004. FIASCO: Game interface for location-based play. In Proc. DIS EA ’04: 329–332

In this paper we describe FIASCO, a location based street game that is played both on a website and on the city streets. In the current technology landscape, data is readily accessed via an array of devices and across a variety of locations. There are many resulting design opportunities, but location based computing poses challenges. With FIASCO, the authors propose game design as a research tool to explore new approaches to computing in public space. Engaging with place, promoting self expression through physical action, and reinterpreting mapping conventions are the driving goals towards an understanding of ‘situated computing.’ In using a pervasive gaming model FIASCO creates a support mechanism for these exploratory activities, while bringing the challenges inherent to designing for online/offline experience to the forefront.