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March 11, 2006

Etech06 day 4 Julian Bleecker

Julian Bleecker
Physical environments as computational grid
Looking for play structures in the physical world – formations and opportunities for social computing to happen – where social groups come together and exchange ideas
The network leaks into the world
Paths are the interface to gameplay – how people navigate the city, how movements can become elements of gameplay – city as gameboard and grid
Debris becomes legible
Inscriptions create semantics – give us fresh perspective
Infrastructure is ludic – using parts of the environment as gamepieces, roles, powerups
Annotation rewrites rules
Movement = powerup – finding new problems to solve beyond console games – more kinesthetic experiences
What is weird? Sitting around staring at a screen.
How social beings can be wrangled and mustered
Trying to create a different way of seeing and understanding the world – to make it more habitable and sustainable – play for play’s sake, but also play as a vehicle to understanding the world around us
Ex: area/code “The Big Urban Game” – ConQwest
Ex: area/code “Tokyo Superstar”
Pervasive performance
Ex: Blast Theory – Uncle Roy All Around You, Can You See Me Now? – mixed reality
Ex: Geocaching
Ex: Go Game, Fiasco – bringing people outside of themselves, turns external world upside down through performance – changing perspective
Mobile phone games
Ex: Julian’s game clickr!
Ex: Flirt – Stampede
Ex: Twitcher – phone captures birds that fly around – have to run away out of BT range to defeat any “poachers”
Ex: Julian’s Viewmaster of the future
Ex: Human PacMan
Ex: Catch Bob!
Ex: Feeding Yoshi
Ex: Piedimonsters – part of service design
- nutrition and fitness
- pedometer combines with tamagotchi
- check status on computer

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