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July 25, 2008

Sketching in Hardware Day 1: Mike Kuniavsky

Sketching is at the Industrial Design department of RISD, courtesy of Tellart

Mike Kuniavsky: intro

  • vernacular, craftsman, artisan electronics in between one-off projects and massive industrial products
  • democratization of process of making, which in turn enables sketching
  • sketching: speed, cheapness, provisionality (put together only to be reworked), something that "wears a history of its own ideas in its physical presence
  • we are far enough along the hardware sketching tool development process to not have to reinvent the wheel
  • time to think about the values we embody in our tools, and how we can make it easier to do the "right" thing than the "wrong" thing - no matter how we define that

Mike Kuniavsky: Blender history

  • history of blender controls as a history of "encapsulation" of expert knowledge into increasingly customizable and interactive food tools
  • "so we don't have to know the messy details while still getting good results"
  • more and more things are becoming more "appliance-like"
  • linked together into object-oriented components, rather than individual devices
  • ie, like the RoomWizard scheduler
  • so, a question: how can knowledge be abstracted into the products that we make?

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