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July 27, 2008

Sketching in Hardware Day 3: Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Smart Healing Environments

design, art, craft, science: making creativity

things that think, spaces that sense, places that play

teaching: patient room of the future

  • field observations - looking for workarounds

  • care cart: locating clinical work in one rollable cart

  • patient family interface

  • patient interactive communication and learning system: touchscreen by bed controls information center

  • full room open house to demonstrate

  • pervasive asthma monitoring system

  • nosocomial infection control through behavior modification

  • rehabilitation exercises

a lab for making things

  • importance of making things

  • where would Leonardo da Vinci take classes today? need synthesis

  • programming is design, in the sense of design as making representations, and programming as the creation of representations

are hospitals really interested in adoption?

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