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  • Thoughtful concept work, lovely execution.

    "This conceptual video is a corporate collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D into the experience of reading magazines on handheld digital devices. It illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future, presented by our design partners at BERG."

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  • "Introducing Zeo™, the Personal Sleep Coach. Developed with leading sleep scientists, Zeo is a new kind of educational tool and motivational program that helps you understand how you are sleeping, reveals habits and behaviors that may be helping or hindering your sleep, and teaches new ways that may help you get a better night's rest. "The soft, lightweight Zeo Headband uses our SoftWave™ sensor technology to simply, comfortably, and accurately track your unique sleep patterns. The headband sends your personal sleep information safely and wirelessly to the bedside display. "The Zeo Bedside Display provides your first window into how you slept last night. The user friendly Zeo Bedside Display shows you an array of personal sleep information that has never before been available to consumers at home."

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  • FedEx now offers sensors for tracking not just location but condition of packages:

    "SenseAware gives you the immediate information and automated tools you need to respond instantly to unexpected conditions. With SenseAware, you can make smarter decisions and coordinate rapidly with your supply chain partners. It could mean the difference between failure and success, profit and loss.

    SenseAware is Web-based, so there's no costly software or infrastructure to invest in. It's a single, easy-to-use platform that consolidates and feeds you the most critical data about your shipment, in near real time.

    * Know if it's been opened or exposed to light.
    * Know its exact location in the transportation process.
    * Know if it's too warm or too cold. "

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  • Welcome to the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative

    Design is the world remade in human form.
    The U.S. National Design Policy Initiative advocates for a governmental plan of action to support design in service of U.S. economic competitiveness and democratic governance.

    The U.S. design communities seek to enable through a U.S. national design policy:

    * design promotion to boost the demand for American goods and services,
    * innovation policy to protect American intellectual property and support the People’s entrepreneurial spirit,
    * design standards to guarantee inclusion, sustainability, safety, and quality in the experiences of the human remade world; and
    * policy as designed to address design’s role in making American democratic values tangible to the People.

    (tags: design policy)

  • "These drawings are a methodical interpretation of the first two chapters of A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schzophrenia (Wikipedia link) by Gilles Delueze and Felix Guattari, translated by Brian Massumi, University of Minnesota Press, 1987."


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  • "Everywhere you go, there are certain things which play heroic roles in knitting the world together, and which somehow remain anonymous, even unseen. Our first book, Tokyo Blues, is the story of one of them: the common blue PVC plastic construction tarp."

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