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March 7, 2006

Etech06 day 2 Derek Powazek

Derek Powazek
Connective tissue – how do we get people talking in the post-company town world?
Distributed community
Ex: measure map: showing relationship between saying something and people coming
Blogs, comment systems, trackbacks, tags, APIs, blogrolls etc
Third party aggregators [remember the sugar house – so close together you can borrow sugar by sticking your hand out of the window]
Awards, photoblogs.org, location-based weblog aggregators (like ORblogs)
“it’s so much funnier on DSL”
Signs of life: linking to the same memes…things spread [attenuated sociality]
Pros (of self-owned spaces like blogs instead of centrally owned “company towns”)
- self ownership, fewer bozos (as with the Web 1.0 list servs), human scale
- like “real life” – I moved out of my parent’s house and now live in my own
- no one’s in charge, no moderators
Modern company towns
- flickr, youtube, myspace (public/private), typepad (renters), last.fm
What this means
- treat your community well…but don’t be bummed when they leave
- go to where your community is. You can’t create “community.”
- Ie, creation of JPG Magazine – they created a group in Flickr instead of creating a stand-alone silo – or like tivocommunity, which is not run by TiVo…but TiVo visits.
Community affiliation lifecycle
- dcentralized community mirrors “real” community
- blogs have forced company towns to interact with the rest of the world

Q: What about blog spam?
Trackbacks incentivize smartness, because you’re “commenting” in your own “house”

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