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March 7, 2006

Etech06 day 2 Matt Cottam and Mike Kuniavsky

Matt Cottam and Mike Kuniavsky
Mike Kuniavsky
Tools for designing hybrid experiences right now are very poor – like the tools for designing software in the 1960s with debug lines
We need new design tools
All development consists of analysis, synthesis and evaluation, iterated. Sketching is the first place where that happened. The heart of iterative design.
Prototypes are sketches – you are moving towards a place in ever greater iterations
What are the interesting parts of sketching?
1) Fast – preserves focus rather than having the technology interrupt you
2) Provisional – “everyone knows it’s a sketch” – you don’t get into rat holes – like non photo realistic rendering – communicates through physical appearance
3) preserves history
Drawing ranks very high in those metrics…”hardware really sucks”
From capability (what something can do) to functionality (what needs it satisfies)
Ie, Ajax – new functionality, not new capability
Question: How do we help people tie the world of information to the world of tools for everyday living that exist in the world

Matt Cottam – runs Tellart and teaches at RISD
Remembering being a student and working with students
Remembering iterative furniture design – wants that experience working with sensors and actuators
Sensor kit systems – didn’t want to use Max/MSP because designers already knew Flash. And engineering students didn’t want to use Flash, they wanted Java.
NADA as glue in the middle between sensors, toolkits, and computer
Now, a demonstration!
Uses NADA component in Flash to demo

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