Cricket defense system

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The CADS project - designed in response to illegal logging activity in California's threatened redwood forests - is an accreted version of trickle-down technologies from the military/industrial complex which explores interspecies collaboration in the fight to save endangered environments. Relying on the crickets' unique audible responses to human encroachment as well as their strategic positioning on the borders between logged and unlogged regions, CADS establishes a system of deterrence through the technological augmentation of natural systems.
The technology itself is an electronic device that receives distressed cricket chirps and translates the sound into a firing signal for anti-logger missiles. The device is a form of extreme bioengineering that simply recombines consumer surveillance products (essentially "bugging" devices) with model rockets - both trickle-down goods from the military-industrial complex.
from the Center for Tactical Magic

What's great about this (imagined) system is the integration of crickets as living components of a sensor network, and the clear line between sensed invasion and actuated consequence. It's kind of the opposite of ShotSpotter the creepy/fascinating sonic sensor system that detects the noise of gunfire in urban areas, triangulates a location, and notifies the cops.

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