MSR Social Computing: Heather Gallagher (CameraGirl, Burning Man)

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history of Burning Man
[This is sort of frustratingly sanitized. You cannot understand the history of BM's relationship with federal authorities without mentioning rave culture, the attendant sex and drugs, and the difference in organizational cultures between BM attendees and government employees, like the sheriff's office. But this is an interesting account of a set of annual negotiations between a corporation (BM) and the state/federal regulatory apparatus. You also won't hear anything about the sometimes frustrating relationship between BMorg and the people who voluntarily provide services.]
[It's also interesting that Heather put "fire" at the end, and said she couldn't fit it in the presentation. But coordinating fire is one of the big issues that BM deals with in terms of managing safety to government standards]
Interesting that the 1999-current day plan occurred because the theme of the year was "the wheel of time"
"we know what we need to do in order to survive", keep Burning Man from being shut down by the authorities

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