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July 27, 2008

Sketching in Hardware Day 3: Philip Van Allen

The New Ecology of Things

autonomous behaviors: ALAVs human scale: Nikolai Cornell's installation for George P. Johnson encouraging social interaction: round table for George P. Johnson, Jonathan Jarvis, Moto Development - the roundness of the table really makes a difference productive: people make their own experiences and produce their own meanings - designers are the facilitators

Tools for designers - NET Lab tools

  • tethered system, but with wireless

  • easy to use for designers, but supports coding

  • Widgets: drag and drop Flash components, configured in XML file

  • Supports: Osculator, analog in/out, esc

  • Hub: Java server that talks to all the devices

  • MediaControl: controlling the environment


  • free to download

  • but there should be some sort of consortium to share all these tools

  • demo: DMX light is controlled through ENTEC

  • Bjoern: what would the ideal solution look like, because we're all using hacks to make a really good dynamic gui editor for these graphics/hardware protoyping systems

  • Phil: Agrees with Matt: students already have and know Flash

  • Matt: Flash is important because it handles all kinds of media and web stuff - not because its graphical

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