D3 - Leila Takayama: Personal Robotic Devices

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"robots are really fun to work on and my God we need help"

stress testing robots so that the parts can survive buggy code

robots for open-source coding
working on redesign of robot to make it more friendly for scientific research with ordinary people who might be freaked out by a head that "looks like a tarantula"

"the head is small because robots aren't so smart yet and we don't want them to look too smart"

collaboration with Henry Evans, a quadriplegic who drives the robot to do mundane things like scratching his face and shave himself by using his eyes to shave the robot

skunkworks "skype on wheels" for teleworking

turtle robot - uses kinect

personal robotic devices as a product category
- in a sense, your HVAC system and your washing machine are robots.

challenge 1: design agentic objects
lesson 1: underpromise and overdeliver to avoid disappointment
lesson 2: consider imitating non-humans in designing interactions

question: how do people make sense of behaviors?
video prototyping forethought and success with a Pixar animator
then showed the video online and did a questionnaire on reactions
also got a Pixar sound designer to do robot non-verbal sounds

where is the brain when the computer brain is in the cloud?
lesson: physical distantiation of disagreement so that voice is in a different place than the body

challenge 2: getting robots to be more [invisible in use]
once again, Heidegger
Gibson's ecological psychology and cars

the interesting space for robotic design are robots that seem like agents, and robots that disappear into use.
for invisibility in use:
analogy: equestrian relationships of people and horses

q: wally?
a: we do get inspiration from that

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