D3 - Jody Medich: Making Technology Tactile

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Descartes' model -->
early computers: we only need to control the mind of the computer, not the body
controlling the world inside through language
beginning in 1980s, move to embodied cognition
monkey see, monkey do: mirror neurons that respond whether we see it, hear it, or do it
ie, taking notes helps you remember
studies that show that involving bodies helps in problem solving

so, new technologies
- right now we are better at capturing gesture than responding; we rely on visual/video

we are not meeting etiquette expectations
gesture recognition: slashing gestures --> "don't make me be mean"

importance of touch in development
studies suggest direct relationship between tactile senses and emotional responses to relatively unrelated questions

Kicker experiments
- interface of visual reading vs the interface of braille
- braille as a successful visual interface
- Kicker touchscreen braille reader
creating a tactile grid

(created with client, who is in audience now)

"teaching technology to speak human, with a vernacular we can understand

developed for blind children learning through digital textbooks, especially math

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