D3 - Branko Lukic: NONOBJECT: The Space Between You and the Object

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short history of design
we have become a little more object and a little less human
form follows need
form follows function

then human-centered/user-centered design
form follows need
making fixes
a system
but didn't deliver emotional connection to object

moving to changing the way he understands design
crossover between human and object - within the crossover area lies meaning
design from within
the space of emotions and relationships
ie, a soup spoon that has holes in it to scrape the tongue

"the galaxy is in imbalance"
"the world was always fast, we just didn't have the information about it"

clog vs clarity - but the clog of information isn't necessarily negative
it's just the overload
seeking clarity in order to find relevance
and enable harmony
work life in imbalance
so: harmonious devices to restore balance between work and life
OS is in mechanical age - too much glut of apps and noise
phones should change behavior depending on where you are
what if device knows your needs

perfect design: when you can't see where design starts and engineering stops, and vice versa
for example, pasta.
desire for tailored devices --> diy or curated
print your own phones

mind / aging
formation of mental models - openness to possibility closes down
designing for people to feel at ease in their age
designers need to make things that don't clash with people's rigid expectations

designing for objects that live in first and second-hand markets simultaneously
reusability and repurposing

what if we create objects that are subtly different but similar, like pebbles on a beach? that you could find one that relates to you like the "right" pebble on a beach?

- ie, what about a camera that captures what's on the other side of the viewfinder?

when he teaches, asks students not to use Google, as a way to force them onto their own creativity -- then later check outside

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